Phamily, Phun, Photos and more...

The "Mad One" or madone...
I picked up a 2009 Trek Madone 4.5,
entry level carbon road bike.  Along
with a few upgrades I had from another
bike this makes for a pretty fast fun ride.
Rebuilding a 1997 Litespeed Tri bike and
fixing up my old 1981 Team Fuji.

Interact Computer
My first interaction with a PC was in 1979
an Interact.  Sold them at Arthur's Lafayette
while in College. Better than dealing punch
cards on a Vax 11/780 on campus at CMU

Altair 8800
One of my clients who was a Family Doctor in Cochran, GA started a Company called MITS
I am sorry to report that Dr. H. Ed Roberts
passed this past year after a long illness. 
It was like working for a Rock Star.
Elvis has left the building...

Had some cool audio stuff while in college,
still have some of it; what did not get stolen
days before I left for Georgia.  With the help
of E-bay, I bought second pair of magnaplanars
and some Hafler equipment.